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Listen to a sample of the Base Revocation.


Feeling ungrounded, insecure, or disconnected?

The Base Revocation is empowering you to reconnect with your root chakra, the foundation of your being. This powerful declaration helps you:


  • Claim your birthright to exist: Feel confident and secure in your place in the world.


  • Embrace abundance: Recognise your right to have the necessities and the richness of life's experiences.


  • Break free from limitations: Rewrite narratives of scarcity and step into abundance.


  • Deepen your connection with the Earth: Feel grounded and supported by the primal energy of the root chakra.


Use the Base Revocation with our Base Chakra Balm for an even more powerful grounding experience. The balm ingrained with red Jasper Crystal and Charged with Tachyon Energy work synergistically with the Revocation to promote feelings of stability, security, and well-being.


Download the Base Revocation Today!

Base Revocation


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