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Botanical Energy Spray collection includes Serene, Shift, Expanse, Euphoric, Sanguine, Solace and Śhuddhi. 


Elevate Every Aspect of Your Well-Being


What It Is

The Complete Botanical Energy Spray Set is a comprehensive collection of seven powerful sprays, each charged with Tachyon energy, designed to enhance various facets of your well-being. This set includes Sanguine for addressing issues like stress, confidence, work-life balance, and fatigue, śhuddhi for spiritual cleansing and protection, Serene for finding peace and easing sleep issues, Expanse for personal growth, Shift for breaking free from limitations, Euphoric for an uplifting burst of energy, and Solace for comfort during moments of grief and self-discovery. Each spray in the set brings a unique blend of soothing botanicals and aromas, contributing to your holistic well-being.


Online Offer

  • Get the complete spray set for £217 (10% off the regular price of £241).


What It Helps With

  • Śhuddhi: Spiritual Cleansing and Protection
  • Sanguine: Addressing Stress, Confidence, Work-Life Balance, and Fatigue
  • Serene: Finding Peace, Easing Sleep Issues, and Grief Support
  • Expanse: Personal Growth and Emotional Balance
  • Shift: Breaking Free from Limitations, Gaining Clarity, and Mental Focus
  • Euphoric: Uplifting Moods, Enhancing Creativity, and Joyful Energy
  • Solace: Comfort during Grief, Liberation from Past Burdens, and Personal Growth


Why You Need It

The Complete Botanical Energy Spray Set is your comprehensive well-being toolkit. It provides versatile solutions to address a wide range of emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects. Whether you're seeking spiritual cleansing, emotional balance, breaking free from limitations, finding peace, or embracing self-discovery, this set has you covered. Elevate your well-being, embrace moments of inner calm, and experience the power of transformation with the Complete Botanical Energy Spray Set, charged with Tachyon energy.

Botanical Energy Spray Collection


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