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Find Focus and Release 

Clarity Botanical Energy Spray is a blend designed to promote mental clarity and emotional grounding. It combines essential oils and flower essences to create a refreshing mist that can help you:


  • Sharpen your focus: Invigorating essential oils like peppermint and black pepper may help clear brain fog and improve concentration.


  • Open your throat chakra: This chakra is associated with communication and self-expression. 

The spray may help you feel more confident and articulate.


  • Ground your spirit: The "stabilising energy of the earth" mentioned in the description suggests the spray may contain grounding essential oils or flower essences that promote a sense of calm and security.


  • Release old patterns: The description suggests this spray may be helpful for those looking to break free from negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs.


If you're looking for a natural way to boost concentration, feel more grounded, and release negativity, Clarity Botanical Energy Spray could be a helpful tool for your well-being regimen.

Clarity Botanical Energy Spray


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