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Dreams is Ideal for those seeking relief from insomnia, desiring deeper and more meaningful dreams, or looking to leave the stresses of the day behind for restful sleep. It's a trusted companion for anyone yearning to wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day, making it especially beneficial for students facing the pressures of exams.



Your Gateway to Serenity and Profound Sleep. Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of 'Serene Energy Spray,' as it dissolves the day's burdens and paves the way for deep, restful tranquillity. Paired with 'Illuminate Chakra Cream,' which activates the third eye chakra, a soothing mental symphony unfolds, setting the stage for a profound, serenely transformative experience. ’Śhuddhi Energy Spray' embarks on a journey of spiritual purification and energy cleansing, safeguarding the sacredness of your sleep. In your dreams, the canvas of healing awaits, guiding you to awaken with clarity, poised to embrace the beauty of each new day.


Small Includes:

Illuminate Chakra Cream (Third Eye) 5ml, Śhuddhi Energy Spray 30ml, Serene Energy spray 30ml, Euphoric 30ml 


Large Includes:

Illuminate Chakra Cream (Third Eye) 5ml, Śhuddhi Energy Spray 100ml, Serene Energy spray 100ml, Euphoric 100ml 


Each gift box also includes an additional gift from Cosmic Tûla -  (A revocation that can tailor an individual's healing process).

Dreams Gift Box


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