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Energi Gift Box is tailored for individuals grappling with fatigue, lack of direction, and the perils of procrastination. It's for those seeking a potent solution to rekindle their energy, regain focus, and break free from the shackles of inertia. Whether you're striving to conquer daily tasks or pursue long-held aspirations, Energi Gift Box is your ally, providing the necessary revitalisation and clarity to navigate life's challenges with renewed vigour and purpose.


Energi Gift Box

This powerful gift box offers a transformative blend aimed at revitalising your energy and steering you toward increased productivity and purpose.  At its core the Core Chakra Cream infused with citrine crystal aligns your solar plexus, fuelling your willpower and igniting your passions.


Combined with Shift Energy Spray, it releases blocked emotions, enabling you to navigate life's uncertainties with grace.


Sanguine Energy Spray delivers a confidence boost, shielding you from negativity and fostering a life filled with positivity and abundance. Euphoric Energy Spray unleashes your creative potential, inspiring profound expression and attracting opportunities.


These elements synergise with Core, awakening your potential and providing the drive to fulfil your dreams. Energí empowers you to overcome fatigue and embrace a life filled with vitality and direction.


Small Includes:

Core Chakra Cream (Solar Plexus) 5ml, Sanguine Energy Spray 30ml, Shift Energy spray 30ml, Euphoric 30ml 


Large Includes:

Core Chakra Cream (Solar Plexus) 5ml, Sanguine Energy Spray 100ml, Shift Energy spray 100ml, Euphoric 100ml 


Each gift box also includes an additional gift from Cosmic Tûla -  (A revocation that can tailor an individual's healing process).

Energi Gift Box


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