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Dare to Expand...


What It Is

Expanse Botanical Energy Spray is like a breath of fresh air, a fragrant burst of floral scent that brings a feeling of lightness and clarity. Grounded by the soothing essence of Clary Sage.  It's a dynamic tool charged with Tachyon energy, created to boost your workday, foster self-love, enhance self-esteem, release anxiety, aid reflection, heal your heart, and fill your life with joy and positivity.


Why you should use Expanse Botanical Energy Spray

1. Boost Your Work Day 

2. Practice More Self-Love

3. Develop your Self Esteem

4. Release Anxiety

5. Aid Reflection

6. Heal Your Heart

7. Be more Joyful and Positive

8. Help to Ground you

9. Emotional Healing

10. Expand your Connections


Why You Need It

Expanse Botanical Energy Spray is a remarkable addition to your well-being journey. Infused with Rose oil, known for its high-frequency energy, it envelops your Auric Field with a delightful lightness, especially when anxiety strikes. It guides your energy from the mind to the heart, creating a profound sense of centredness. It's like lying in a fragrant bed of roses, a sensory experience that uplifts your spirit and brings you closer to a state of pure calm and tranquillity. Make Expanse your daily companion and embark on a journey of personal expansion, growth, and healing.


Botanical Energy Spray - Size: 30ml, 100ml

Essential Oils: Rose | Ylang Ylang| Clary Sage | Frankincense

Expanse Botanical Energy Spray


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Spray Expanse around your Auric Field to activate your potential for growth and balance. It helps ground you, facilitates emotional healing, and expands your connections to new possibilities.


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