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Rebirth is designed for those who are on a transformative journey, ready to release any blocked emotions or obstacles that might be holding them back, igniting more creativity and personal growth. This unique gift box is especially fitting for individuals navigating times of uncertainty and transitions, whether you're moving to a new home, embarking on a career change, or simply seeking your life's purpose. If you're stepping onto the path of self-renewal, abundance, and positivity, 'Rebirth' provides the holistic support to help you flourish in your life's next chapter.  



Embrace Your life's transformation and energy. This holistic gift box, featuring 'Shift' energy spray, offers a gateway to a renewed version of yourself, free from the burdens of yesterday's experiences. In the face of uncertainty and change, 'Shift' Energy Spray helps release blocked emotions, allowing you to navigate life's ebbs and flows with grace and poise. Integrated with 'Vibe Chakra Cream,' it empowers your throat chakra to channel creative impulses and ideas, preventing frustration, impulsiveness, and anxiety. Meanwhile, 'Sanguine' Energy Spray offers a boost of confidence and shields you from negativity, allowing you to embrace a life filled with positivity and boundless abundance. Your transformative journey begins with 'Rebirth,' welcoming the energy of renewal and a brighter future.


Small Includes:

Vibe Chakra Cream (Throat) 5ml, Shift Energy Spray 30ml, Sanguine Energy Spray 30ml 


Large Includes:

Vibe Chakra Cream (Throat) 5ml, Shift Energy Spray 100ml, Sanguine Energy Spray 100ml 


Each gift box also includes an additional gift from Cosmic Tûla -  (A revocation that can tailor an individual's healing process).

Rebirth Gift Box


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