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Awaken Your Senses, Feel like your walking in a Forest...


What It Is

Sanguine Botanical Energy Spray is your gateway to a revitalised life, as if you're strolling through a serene forest. It's a transformative tool charged with Tachyon energy, addressing a myriad of life issues, including stress, confidence, work-life balance, fatigue, mental health, creativity, and creating a positive home environment.


Sanguine is an amazing tool for - 


  • Boosting Confidence in Social Situations
  • Combat Fatigue and Low Energy
  • Shield Yourself from Negative Influences
  • Embrace a Life of Positivity and Abundance


Why You Need It

Sanguine Botanical Energy Spray is your holistic solution for finding balance and calm amidst life's chaos. It empowers you to overcome obstacles with ease, shielding you from negative energies that may hinder your success. With its soothing Earthy and spicy scents, it sparks your creativity and keeps your spirit alive. This spray is your connection to nature, unlocking a world of abundance and limitless possibilities, all while being charged with Tachyon energy. Transform your life with Sanguine Botanical Energy Spray, and awaken your senses to the abundance that surrounds you.


Botanical Energy Spray - Sizes: 30ml, 100ml

Essential Oils: Ho Wood | Cypress | Lavender | Frankincense | Clary Sage | Black Pepper

Sanguine Botanical Energy Spray


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Spray Sanguine around your Auric Field to embrace a life of positivity and abundance. Boost confidence in social situations, combat fatigue, and shield yourself from negative influences.

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