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Embrace the transformative essence of Serene, harnessing its ability to restore energy after a demanding day and instilling a sense of deep calm within.


Allow the Serene Revocation to guide you toward a realm of inner balance and profound fulfilment, where stress dissipates, focus amplifies, and positivity thrives. 

Serene Revocation


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Unlocking your potential with our products is a simple yet profound process. Follow these steps to create your own self-care ritual:

Prepare Your Mind and Body:

Begin by taking three deep, slow breaths. This calms your mind and makes your body more receptive to the words of the revocation.

Relax Your Body:

Slowly scan your body and consciously relax every part. A relaxed body is less resistant to change, making this the perfect time for your practice.

Use the Serene Botanical Spray to enhance your revocation journey. 

Immerse Yourself:

Spray Serene around your aura, take three deep breaths and press play on the Serene Revocation audio.

Visualise the words applying to your life. 

You can also use other Cosmic Tula Products alongside the Serene Botanical Energy Spray. 

Commit to the Journey:

For impactful results, practice daily for at least a month. It takes time for your brain to embody the vibrations of the revocation, but you'll begin to witness profound changes in your life.

Stay Consistent:

Strive for consistent practice over a span of 30 days. If a day is missed, recommence from day one, as this reinforces a deeper imprint on your consciousness. Moreover, if you're midway through the 30-day journey, you're less inclined to start anew. Alternatively, you may choose to engage whenever the need arises. Our products stand as your dependable support system, accessible whenever you require them to reaffirm.

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