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Shakti is for those who desire to tap into their cosmic womb of creative energy, nurturing the souls who seek to unlock their inner wellspring of creativity, embrace the fertility of ideas, and deepen their intuitive wisdom. It's a sanctuary for those who wish to flow with their energy in motion, tap into their inner goddess energy, and create from a space enriched with cosmic wisdom.



Awaken the potent energy within. This gift box serves as a sacred portal to unleash your inner wellspring of creativity and fertility, akin to the transformative force of a coiled serpent, waiting to ascend. It births fresh ideas, nurtures intuition, and deepens your wisdom, embodying the boundless strength and nurturing power akin to a fearless protector and a powerful force of change. The 'Euphoric Energy Spray' releases your creative potential, inspiring profound artistic expression and guiding you to deeper states of meditation. As you connect with Shakti's essence, the 'Magnetise Chakra Cream' resonates within the heart chakra, invoking a loving and nurturing presence. Simultaneously, the 'Sense Chakra Cream' activates the sacral chakra, kindling metaphysical blessings of sensuality and emotional healing, fostering a harmonious connection with the divine feminine energy within you.


Small Includes:

Magnetise Chakra Cream 5ml, Sense Chakra Cream 5ml, Euphoric Energy Spray 30ml 


Large Includes 

Magnetise Chakra Cream 5ml, Sense Chakra Cream 5ml, Euphoric Energy Spray 100ml 

Shakti Gift Box


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