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Break Free and Shift...


What It Is

Shift Botanical Energy Spray is your personal catalyst for transformation. It's a remarkable tool, charged with Tachyon energy, designed to clear your mind, cope with life changes, create calm and balance, and dispel negativity.


What It Will Help You With

1. Clear Your Mind

2. Coping with Life Changes (like a new job, moving or a break-down of a relationship)

3. Re-aligning Your Energy

4. Create Calm and Balance

5. Dispelling Negativity

6. Overcoming Blocks

7. Help with Bringing Clarity to a Situation 


Why You Need It

Shift Botanical Energy Spray is more than a mood enhancer; it's your transformative ally.

It prepares you for presentations, helps you cope with life transitions, overcomes creative blocks, boosts your energy and vitality, and connects you with ancestral wisdom and guidance. It's your key to inner core alignment and personal growth, a daily tool to embrace change, find balance, and navigate life's transitions with confidence. With Tachyon energy infusion, it amplifies these properties, promoting balance and enhancing your well-being at a profound level. Make the shift towards a brighter, more fulfilled life with Shift Botanical Energy Spray.


Botanical Energy Spray - Size: 30ml or 100ml  

Essential Oils: Ho Wood | Fragonia | Emeli | Palmarosa | Lavender | Bergamot

Shift Botanical Energy Spray


We accept the following payment methods:

Simply spray a couple of times around your Auric Field to instantly uplift your mood and embrace an aura of positivity. For a more lingering smell you can spray in your hair.

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