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Who’s it for

Sooth'? This thoughtful box is intended for individuals facing profound grief, whether stemming from the loss of a loved one or pet, the challenges of moving on from a past relationship, or the weight of unresolved traumas. If you find it difficult to accept these losses or are held back by the weight of past traumas, 'Sooth' provides a caring hand to guide you towards healing and hope.



Your Sanctuary of Healing and Hope. In the embrace of 'Soothe,’ experience the transformative power of our 'Solace Energy Spray,' lifting you from the weight of grief and burdens, providing unwavering comfort and support. 'Serene' Energy Spray graces your soul, bringing serenity and balance to your mind, recharging your spirit to its optimum vitality. Unwind, sleep, and find respite from overthinking. 'Magnetise Chakra Cream' leads you from the chaos of the mind to the calm centre, fostering deep trust that all is well and will be well, knowing that you are loved and supported. 'Sooth' is your haven for new beginnings, where healing and hope unite


Small Includes:

Magnatise Chakra Cream (Heart) 5ml, Serene Energy Spray 30ml, Solace Energy Spray 30ml 


Large Includes:

Magnatise Chakra Cream (Heart) 5ml, Serene Energy Spray 100ml, Solace Energy Spray 100ml


Each gift box also includes an additional gift from Cosmic Tûla -  (A revocation that can tailor an individual's healing process).

Soothe Gift Box


We accept the following payment methods:

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