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The Basic Chakra Energies: An Overview

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Overview of the Chakra Energy points

Throughout history, ancient mystics have always held the belief that our perceived reality is simply an appearance. In order to obtain a deeper understanding of the energetic foundations of manifest reality, it was essential to understand the energy from which the apparent forms were made. This article will provide an overview of some of the basic theories and techniques used by these ancient cultures to gain greater insight into the energetic foundations of the universe.


Each vortex of energy contributes specific characteristics to the life forms we view on Earth. What appears to our eyes as real is only a manifestation of energy that creates the illusion of solid matter.

This force is what holds the parts of the atom together and creates the first element, earth, which moves through the Muladhara Chakra.

Seven Chakras Sanskrit names

The second form of energy is a weaker, cohesive force that holds the atoms together in combinations such as H2O. This is the character of the second element, water, which corresponds to the Swadhistana Chakra.

The third form of energy is a force that sparks change and transformation in a more solid reality. This solar power manifests the third element, fire, which expresses itself through the Manipura Chakra.

The next phenomenon of energy is a gentler force that pushes apart the molecules in the air we breathe. Although much subtler than the other forces, it does take up space, as when it fills up our lungs or a balloon. This is the fourth element, air, expressed in Anahata Chakra.

The fifth element is the energy of vibration, the force that makes and spreads sound outward at a thousand kilometres per hour and that spreads light waves across the universe. This vibratory force makes up the fifth element, ether, and relates to Vishuddha Chakra.

Finally, the sixth element, the mind, is the magnetic energy which permeates everything. It expresses itself through the Ajna Chakra.

When all transcends the physical it opens up to the pure spirit which is able to flow freely through the crown chakra into the realms of the Cosmos.

pure spirit and energy flowing freely

While modern science is grappling with how many types of energy there are, the oldest science has always maintained that there are only six essential manifestations of energy. These came to be known as “the elements” to the Greeks, and later Europe, but somewhere along the line, the understanding that these were elemental forces was lost. As alchemists became chemists, they started looking for physical elements, when the forces never were physical. They were originally an explanation of the energies that make up reality, and they still are.

The Mayan culture provided information and expanded our view of the chakras and their psychological characteristics. The placement of the chakras in the cardinal directions, in addition to the directions above and below, oriented the energies very well.

The Egyptian Pharaohs knew how to move and unite the energies, creating one force that was used to govern and direct the nation. These cultures had a common view, and an education aimed at understanding themselves.

In conclusion, the picture that unfolds is one of the whole human being: mind, body, and energy—a wholeness discovered by one's own introspection so that its truth can be seen in the light of one's own experience. These ancient cultures recognised that understanding the human energy system was essential to achieving a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.

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